Dr Feelgood suggests Milk & Alcohol to make you smile

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The Webb Sisters – dynamic performers with expressive voices and plangent harmonies – will be letting those voices loose at The Stables on Thursday evening, drawing on the folk and pop traditions of the UK and Stateside with their deliveries.

How good are they?

Well, when Leonard Cohen toured for the first time in 15 years, he asked them to join his touring band.

Which is a bit special.

Over on Stage 2, Babjack will play.

The contemporary blues-makers are in demand on the blues, roots and acoustic stages around Europe.

Swing by in time for the 8.45pm start, snag a ticket for a tenner and listen to what all the fuss is about.

We aren’t going to tell you about Friday’s session by The Manfreds, because that’s all sold out, but could we interest you in Rebecca Dancer?

The singer-songwriter issued her debut E.P Swings and Roundabouts last year, and is currently at work on newbie material.

Dr Feelgood, below, still singing about Milk and Alcohol and being Down at the Doctors are your choice for Saturday night.

Original frontman Lee Brilleaux passed away back in 1999 of course, so in his place you’ll find former Animals member Robert Kane.

Tickets are £18 to see Canvey Island’s famous exports at work.

Sunday’s are supposed to be your time to relax, but you don’t have to hide away to do so – Artur Pizarro will be at the venue on Sunday afternoon from 3pm, with the second of six concerts he will deliver at the venue in 2014.

By the time he has finished his run, Artur will have performed the complete piano works of Russian composer Rachmaninov.

Tickets to see funny fella Jimeoin have been snatched up for Sunday evening, and the venue is taking a night off on Monday, to recharge its own batteries.

It comes right back at you on Tuesday night, mind, with Scosttish music types Manran.

We can’t tell you much about these chaps, except that they are the only band to incorporate Highland and Uilleann pipes together in one line-up.

Now, there are lots and lots of things that make us go ‘Aaarggh,’ and we aren’t alone.

Lee Hurst knows we are a nation of people irked by all sorts, and he has decided to travel the country to find out what really winds you up.

Strong language and adult material could feature in Wednesday’s show, so delicate petals under the age of 16 years should steer clear.

Those of you who have hardy ears, don’t mind a little rude business and have something that really makes you mad, step up please, and be seated.

Get tickets from MK 280800.