Earnestly, you really don’t wanna miss this!

The Importance of Being Earnest - The Pantaloons production
The Importance of Being Earnest - The Pantaloons production

IF the weather is fine, there is only one place for Oscar Wilde fans to place themselves this Saturday night – in the beautiful grounds of Woburn Abbey.

Theatre company The Pantaloons will cut through the tranquility with some ‘fast-paced, physical and fantastically funny’ work in The Importance of Being Earnest.

Wilde’s classic comedy of manners has remained one of the best-loved plays since it first played to audiences...and that was back in 1895!

Everyone loves Ernest, indeed Cecily and Gwendolen are both engaged to the chap.

The only trouble is, Ernest doesn’t actually exist...or does he?

Best friends Jack and Algy have both created alter-egos to win the affections of their beloveds; but when will they stop being Ernest and start being Earnest?

The Pantaloons’ efficient butlers will be directing people to their seats, opening their champagne, and if you are lucky, maybe even shining your shoes upon arrival!

“This is not just a retread of an old standard,” director Mark Hayward said, “This is a show crammed full of imagination.

“We’ve taken influence from silent film, Victorian music hall and contemporary physical theatre to compliment Wilde’s brilliant words.”

Pack up the champers and cucumber sarnies and go enjoy.

Tickets start at £9 and rise to £13.50, gates open at 6pm.

Call 01525 290333 to book.

> With a super successful IF Festival behind it, The Stables is now able to turn its focus back to its Wavendon base.

Just the two shows this week, as the venue eases itself back into the day job.

On Saturday night, Hats Off To Led Zeppelin will plough through the tunes of Mr Plant, Mr Page and Co.

On Sunday night, again at 8pm, The Big Chris Barber Band will trawl through a selection of its leader’s most favoured tunes – from the Bourbon Street Parade to early Duke Ellington deliveries. Some Miles Davis will figure in the set too.

Tickets are £21.50.

Call with bookings on MK 280800.