Popular Milton Keynes fish and chip shop had loose rodent poison under sacks of potatoes

A popular MK fish and chip shop was found to have loose rodent poison scattered under its sacks of potatoes when environmental health inspectors visited.

Wednesday, 18th September 2019, 5:24 pm
Fryer Freemans

In the third in our series of food hygiene reports, the Citizen has examined the findings from an inspection at Fryer Freemans in Great Linford.

The St Leger court takeaway received a rating of one, meaning major improvement is necessary.

But the visit was in February and the store owner insists all the required improvements have since been carried out.

The fish and chip shop received a food hygiene rating of 1

The report describes how the rodent poison was found under sacks of raw potatoes that were used for chips.

“There is a potential risk that the bait could become a source of chemical contamination to your potatoes and potentially the food you serve to your customers," it states.

Inspectors also found raw sausages stored above bread rolls in the freezer and donor kebabs left uncovered in the bottom of the fridge.

The report adds: “Used, visibly dirty cleaning cloths had been left in several food preparation areas including on top of your deep fat fryers and in the area used for salad preparation...The silicone sealant around the sinks in your food preparation room was damaged and mouldy. .. The floor covering in the kitchen is coming away from the walls, allowing food waste and dirt to collect in the wall/floor junction, making cleaning difficult.”

A spokesman for Fryer Freemans said this week: "I’ve rang the council offices on several occasions and left messages for someone to get back to me in regards to sorting a revisit but they haven’t contacted me.

"They’ve also told me it’s going to cost me £200 to come back out to check. I feel all our hard work and reputation has been affected by this over these months. We rectified all issues and more but also feel very hard done by in regards to having to pay for an inspection that should be done as part of a duty to the community."

He added: "Now you have brought this to the forefront again I shall get on to the council offices first thing. This has panicked me and my family and staff and brought a lot of undue stress upon our close knit team, we’re now just waiting for some kind of response on how we can get out this mess and clear our reputation."