These are the food hygiene ratings of all the mobile kebab vans in Milton Keynes

If you are planning on grabbing a bite to eat on the go, be sure to check this list before you do.

Monday, 3rd June 2019, 9:32 pm
These are the food hygiene ratings of all the mobile kebab vans in Milton Keynes

These are the food hygiene ratings of all the mobile kebab vans in Milton Keynes. A five-star rating means the hygiene standards are very good and fully comply with the law, while a zero-star rating means urgent improvement is needed. Images are for illustrative purposes only, not the exact location of the food van.

Sherbourne Drive, Tilbrook, Milton Keynes, MK15 9BQ. Rated 5 on 25-Jan-2018.
Lammas Beanhill, Milton Keynes, MK7 7SB. Rated 5 on 5-Mar-2018.
Fishermead Blvd, Fishermead, Milton Keynes, MK6 2ES. Rated 5 on 20-Feb-2018.
Springfield Boulevard, Springfield, Milton Keynes, MK6 2HS. Rated 5 on 13-Feb-2018.
Birdlip Lane, Kents Hill, Milton Keynes, MK2 3PR. Rated 5 on 10-Oct-2018.
Maidstone Road, Kingston, Milton Keynes, MK6 2XF. Rated 5 on 28-Aug-2018.
Conniburrow Boulevard, Conniburrow, Milton Keynes, MK14 7AE. Rated 5 on 14-Dec-2018.
Enfield Chase, Linford Wood, Milton Keynes, MK8 0DR. Rated 5 on 31-Jan-2018.
Walgrave Drive, Bradwell, Milton Keynes, MK13 9DS. Rated 5 on 16-Aug-2018.
Crispin Road Car Park, Bradville, Milton Keynes, MK7 7BE. Rated 5 on 26-Feb-2018.
Barnfield Drive, Netherfield, Milton Keynes, MK14 5FQ. Rated 5 on 24-May-2017.
Windermere Drive, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, MK14 6BQ. Rated 5 on 19-Feb-2019.
Kensington Drive, Great Holm, Milton Keynes, MK8 8BS. Rated 5 on 11-Jan-2018.
Rosemullion Avenue, Tattenhoe, Milton Keynes, MK3 7AQ. Rated 5 on 18-May-2018.
Briar Hill, Stacey Bushes, Milton Keynes, MK13 9DQ. Rated 5 on 19-Dec-2017.
St Dunstans Coffee Hall, Milton Keynes, MK7 8LN. Rated 4 on 29-Jan-2018.
Merlewood Drive, Shenley Wood, Milton Keynes, MK4 1DF. Rated 4 on 20-Feb-2018.
Blacksmith Arms, Downs Barn Boulevard, Milton Keynes, MK6 2BH. Rated 4 on 8-Jan-2019.
Tewkesbury Lane, Monkston Park, Milton Keynes, MK6 2SZ. Rated 4 on 21-Nov-2017.
Roebuck Way, Knowlhill, Milton Keynes, MK6 2LH. Rated 4 on 7-Feb-2018.
Central Milton Keynes Market, Milton Keynes, MK8 9BG. Rated 3 on 13-Feb-2018.
Oldbrook Boulevard, Oldbrook, Milton Keynes, MK13 9DQ. Rated 3 on 20-Nov-2017.
Marshworth, Tinkers Bridge, Milton Keynes, K6 2SS. Rated 3 on 25-Mar-2019.