Enjoy Ralphs’ ‘peculiarly British shuffle’ at Wavendon meeting

Mick Ralphs Blues Band: Stables date
Mick Ralphs Blues Band: Stables date

The Stables works hard all year round, offering us hundreds of gigs per annum, so no-one can begrudge the venue taking a little summer snooze.

Things go quiet again this weekend, before a full package of new season excellence gets underway in August.

But the venue signs off in a fiery storm of blues from a master.

Mick Ralphs didn’t just invent glam rock with Mott the Hoople, which would have been enough for most people.

He then came back again, and tackled blues-rock with Bad Company.

Among his many credits is the classic Can’t Get Enough.

Sir Mick, we salute you!

And singularly, he explores his roots with his own blues band.

So if a peculiarly British shuffle is to your liking, let the master show you how it’s best served this evening.

Tickets are twenty quid, show time is 8pm.

Call 01908 280800.