Enjoy three times the fun with Trichotomy


BIG screen tunes are on offer at The Stables tonight as singer-songwriter Joanna Eden recreates songs from blockbuster films with her Jazz At The Movies band, writes Georgina Butler.

Some of the UK’s best jazz musicians will be jamming together from 8pm.

Care to join them?

When Vince Freeman appeared on The Voice (the BBCs more credible than The X-Factor show, that in reality was no more credible) Will.i.Am told him his voice was ‘awesome, awesome, awesome.’

Having shared the stage with the likes of Ed Sheeran, Eric Clapton and Paul Weller, Vince’s philosophy remains ‘play live and play lots’, which is just what he will be doing on Stage 2 tonight.

For a wickedly funny combination of utterly sensational piano-playing and sparky comedy, look to Worbey & Farrell (formerly Katzenjammer), who combine tuneful thrills with a deep love of laughter. True masters of musical mayhem, these guys are.

Support dates with rock royalty such as Jimmi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and The Who, recording dates with Ringo Starr, Keith Emerson and The Zombies... John Verity has had an amazing career.

And many years on, he is still going strong; He visits the venue on Saturday to promote the new album Verity – Rise Like The Phoenix.

For an alternative tasty treat country/folk/Americana band Piefinger will be wooing audiences with their scintillating strings on Stage 2.

On Sunday evening, the most exciting tribute to the undisputed King of Pop will be moonwalking on-stage at The Stables , welcome ‘Jackson – Live in Concert.’

Ben (aka Jacko) has got the look, signature dance moves and the voice. Tip your hat to some sensational renditions of Thriller, Beat It and Billie Jean.

Now to one of the daftest and well-loved comedy stars of today – Harry Hill is trying out new material for a live show that promises incontrovertible proof that God exists, on Monday.

Unsurprisingly, tickets for Experiments in Entertainment have already sold out, though...

Tuesday sees Colin Blunstone taking a short break from his day job fronting The Zombies to lead his solo band in a celebration of his many hits, on a journey from the mid-sixties to the present day as he dusts off some obscure tracks that have become some of his personal favourites.

Also on Tuesday, one of Australia’s most inventive contemporary music ensembles will present their distinctive blend of dense, exciting improvisations and delicate atmospherics.

Trichotomy conjure up sounds of modern jazz, ambient music, avant-garde rock, free improvisation and contemporary classical – something to appeal to almost everyone.

They’ve a new album out on Monday too, Fact Finding Mission.

“The mood is one of positivity, and a sense of fun, happiness and a general love of playing music together,” pianist Sean Foran shares.

Singer and fiddle player Sara Watkins spent nearly two decades performing with the Grammy Award-winning bluegrass-folk hybrid Nickel Creek trio.

Now, she is putting all her previous hard work and travelling to the test as she tours her new album Sun Midnight Sun, putting in an appearance at The Stables on Wednesday.

Go book your seats on MK 280800.