Award-winning handbags fight off holiday firm

Charlotte Jamme
Charlotte Jamme

An award-winning design firm has beaten a legal challenge which could have put them out of business - after a travel firm claimed the public could confuse their handbags with international holidays.

Mia Tui was founded by 
Middleton woman Charlotte Jamme four years ago. The firm has won a number of awards, and been praised by David 

It was feared that they could be put out of business when holiday company TUI AG claimed that the two names are too similar, despite Mia Tui registering their logo trademark four years ago.

However TUI AG have now dropped their claim.

Charlotte said: “This has meant we have been on hold for the last nine months - we were still selling bags, but we couldn’t look for investment and we didn’t even know if we’d still have a company at the end. Now we can start looking to the future again.

“It was a ridiculous situation to be honest. People won’t get confused between a 
handbag ad an international holiday.”

Mother-of-two Charlotte founded Mia Tui in 2010, while her family were living in 
Vietnam for three years.

And while she has no background in design, she was 
inspired to create her own bag after being inspired by her own travels to and from the UK, and named the firm after the Vietnamese for ‘My bag’.

She added: “We are now in discussions with a celebrity about them not just endorsing our bags, but designing 
products with us. It is an 
exciting time.”