Fawlty production is a winning one

Comedy gold: Fawlty Towers on the stage
Comedy gold: Fawlty Towers on the stage

Famously there were only 12 episodes of the classic comedy Fawlty Towers, and over the past few years The Theatre of Comedy has staged three quarters of them.

It is now in the middle of its fouth and final cycle – with performances of The Wedding Party, The Psychiatrist and The Kipper and the Corpse showing nightly to Saturday.

Take a seat at The Chrysalis Theatre in Willen Park and let them bring alive the Basil Fawlty brilliance!

The Wedding Party is the one with the young, fliratious couple who start ‘hanky-pankying’ under Basil’s nose...he won’t like that one bit!
Or how about the one with the psychiatrist who visits the hotel for a weekend break and quickly picks up on the eccentricities of his host?

And when a guest dies at the hotel, Basil and the staff must remove the body discreetly – while the doctor in the house, waits for his sausages...

The best endorsement for this group of funny bringers is to speak with someonewho has been to a show before.

Once seen, forever smitten.

Tickets are on sale at £13 and £11 and there are no surcharges, so click online and confirm your seat now at www.mktoc.co.uk or call 01234 241357.