Fizzy purrfection

The Hot Cat Club: Gettin' fizzy with it!
The Hot Cat Club: Gettin' fizzy with it!

For the past while they’ve been asking us to jump-jive their way with splendidly bespoke events held around town, and demand for those Gin Fizz events has exceeded tickets.

And the boom continues some more now, with a new monthly chance to engage with them.

Unlike Gin Fizz’s Jump Joint, which serves as a pop-up brand, The Hot Cat Club will be based at MK Social, with a sizzle-some package.

Music and movement are the two necessities of the Hot Cat brand, and there is no need to shy away in the corners too afraid to strut it on the dance floor with the others – you can learn on the hop with a dance class: ‘When Rock n Roll Met Swing Jumpin’ Jive’ is harder to say than do, so come along, step right up and get involved.

When the class is done with, the dance floor certainly won’t be – that’s when the record hop takes over, with swing, jive and rock n roll classics filling the venue all night long.

Viv Doolan is the lady at the helm of Gin Fizz and the slinky new Hot Cat Club.

“There was a demand from our Gin Fizz revellers who wanted to learn how to dance,” she says of the idea behind the new club.

And helping to get you moving and grooving with confidence will be Bedford’s Swingsters, who have been enhancing dancing for a decade now.

It’s a friendly club with a friendly vibe: “The Hot Cat Club is open to all,” Viv says, “Whether you want to come on your own or as a couple. Everyone is welcome and you will get the chance to meet all of your fellow revellers for a dance. No-one is left out.”

Friday night at The Hot Cat Club will get you feline fine. Shake away the week of work and prepare to give that dance floor a pounding!

Doors open at 7pm and the hour-long dance class will keep you on your toes from 7.30pm, followed of course by the hop.

Tickets are £12 all-in. But what’s that, you say? You already know how to shake it on the floor? You can strut with style and bop like the best of ‘em?In that case, forgo the class and pay £8 for the record hop only.

For details – and to book – visit