Flaming great night out

The Loveliness Festival at Inter-Action MK 28th July 2012
The Loveliness Festival at Inter-Action MK 28th July 2012

EVER had a burning desire to try charcoal making, fire drawing and marshmallow toasting?

Even if your answer is a lukewarm ‘maybe’, you should check out the hot activities planned at Inter-Action MK’s latest event on Saturday.

The Family Fire Event will see new resident artist Sarah Wright create a wonderful winter evening for the whole family at the Peartree Bridge charity, which brings together art and the community.

Visitors can try their hand at the charcoal making and watch a demonstration of live fire drawing, before enjoying a giant display of shadow puppets.

There will be plenty of warm food on sale to keep you going, as well as those marshmallows – toasted around the fire pit, traditionally.

The wick is lit at 5pm and things will keep burning until 8pm so plenty of time to make the most of the evening, then.

A small fee applies to workshops, for more details visit www.interactionmk.org.uk or call MK 678514.

FANCY sitting down to dinner with Karl Robinson and Ian Wright, alongside city Mayor Catriona Morris?

You could dine with MK Dons manager Karl Robinson and all round superstar Ian Wright at tomorrow’s Mayoral charity dinner.

MK Poet Laureate Mark Miel will also be on hand to provide added entertainment throughout the meal.

The ‘do’ is in aid of MK Dons Sport and Education Trust and is being held at the Hilton, stadiummk.

Doors open at 7.30pm, dinner will be served at 8pm

Tickets are £45 per person, call MK 364184 or email jacqui.cullen@hotelmk.co.uk to book.

EARPLUGS at the ready – the ancient practice of the Firing of the Fenny Poppers will take place on Saturday.

The six small ceremonial canons (cast iron mugs stuffed with gunpowder) will be fired at the usual times of 12 noon, 2pm and 4pm in the Leon recreation ground, Fenny Stratford.

These tankard shaped miniature cannons are fired every November 11 (or November 10 if November 11 falls on a Sunday) in memory of Dr Thomas Willis who died on this date.

His grandson Browne Willis built St Martin’s Church in Fenny Stratford and started the custom in the mid-eighteenth century.

The Fenny Poppers feature in a new book which examines old English traditions - ‘Yesterday’s Country Customs’ by Henry Buckton, published by the History Press.