Cockroach burger in Milton Keynes is far from finger lickin’ good

mpmc cockroach found in kfc burger circled
mpmc cockroach found in kfc burger circled

A pregnant woman lost her appetite - when her KFC burger had a cockroach in it.

Nikki Hudson was in the Xscape restaurant with her husband and their 11-year-old son on Tuesday evening when she unwrapped her burger to find the insect.

The family immediately went to the counter to complain - but despite eventually receiving a refund they claim that the restaurant did not apologise.

Husband Keith Hudson said: “We’d just been to the cinema for a family night out and fancied a bite to eat.

“We were not expecting Nikki to unwrap the burger packaging and see a cockroach just fall out in front of all of us.

“I was halfway eating my own burger when it happened, and I just felt sick.”

Mr Hudson said that the family, who live in Bolbeck Park, visit the KFC every few months, but were unlikely to return.

He added: “I asked for my money back, but it took a while. Eventually they called the manager, and he took it away for five or ten minutes. We got a refund, but no apology or feeling that they were treating it as a big problem.

“We went straight home, and my wife felt unwell all evening, not wanting to eat anything else. When you have a pregnant wife you want to help her make sure she is healthy - neither of us wanted to eat a burger with a cockroach wrapped up with it.”

A KFC spokesman said the firm had examined the photographs and did not believe the insect was a cockroach.

They added: “We are very sorry for the family’s experience because we take both customer service and food quality extremely seriously.

“Like many retailers, our salad arrives fresh, pre-washed and packed direct from a supplier, and after carrying out a thorough investigation it appears that on this very rare occasion, an insect was not removed during preparation. Specialists have analysed the photograph and do not believe the insect to be a cockroach and Rentokil pest control found no issues in the store on their last visit in July.

“As soon as we were made aware of this we apologised on the spot and offered a full refund for all three meals, which was accepted.

“We would like to reassure customers that this was a one-off incident, and our Milton Keynes Xscape restaurant achieved a food hygiene rating of five out of five stars meaning that the business was found to have very good hygiene standards.”