Papa John ends the pineapple pizza debate once and for all

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It’s a debate which continues to rumble on across offices, restaurants and takeaway menus throughout the country - does pineapple belong on a pizza?

Here at the Citizen offices, it’s a pretty even split between those who are right and those who are wrong. Those who are wrong, of course, did not get a slice of the new Premium Hawaiian pizza from Papa John’s when it was delivered for us to sample.

Boasting ham hock and fresh pineapple, a classic pizza is given an injection of life that even the most dubious of the ‘anti-pineapple on a pizza’ brigade to question what else they had been wrong about for all these years.

Not only does it belong on a pizza, Papa John it has even managed to convert those staunchly against fruit on a pizza. The ham was pretty good too!

We’d draw a line at strawberries though... probably...