Unhappy shopper claims Tesco says Milton Keynes estate was 'blacklisted' after anti-social behaviour concerns

A shopper claims he was told Tesco had blacklisted an entire estate in Milton Keynes because drivers were concerned about anti-social behaviour.

Tuesday, 17th December 2019, 1:21 pm
Updated Tuesday, 17th December 2019, 1:22 pm

He says the first they knew about the issue for Bletchley's Lake Estate was when a delivery failed to be made and they complained the customer services, who he says told him of the issues with anti-social behaviour.

The Citizen understands that Tesco bosses are denying that a ban is in place and that deliveries will continue as normal over Christmas.

The issue came to light after one elderly lady, who is disabled and unable to get out of her Tummel Close home, was left without any food at all.

Tesco drivers are said to be worried about entering the estate

Her son said: “She lives in a little bungalow in an area with no noticeable crime over the past few years. She ordered her shopping from Tesco online groceries as usual last week, and we also booked her a Christmas delivery at the same time.”

He was called by his mum when the order failed to arrive at the allotted time on Saturday morning.

An online check revealed it was marked 'delivered'. But when the son called Tesco customer services to complain, he was told they were no longer delivering in his mum's postcode area.

“They told me it was due to fears for their drivers' safety,” he said. “How on earth can they say it's valid to accept orders and not inform the customers they won't be getting them?”

The son, who lives some distance away, eventually arranged for Morrison's to deliver food to his mum.

“Morrison's were great. Thank goodness she has not gone without. But what about all those other Tesco customers hungry this week, and at Christmas?” he said.

He made a complaint to Tesco in Bletchley and was called back yesterday (Monday) morning.

“She informed me that they were not delivering to the Lakes Estate anymore. When I complained about the lack of communications, she asserted she was well within her right to cancel the orders without informing the customers, who would just have to make other arrangements.

“She, in fact, stated that they had 'cancelled lots of orders to that area'. I was flabbergasted! How on earth could the manager of a company with a reputation for good customer service say such a thing?”

It is understood Tesco bosses are denying there is a ban and say deliveries will continue over Christmas as normal.

The Citizen contacted Tesco national press office on Monday morning to ask for an official statement we could publish to explain the situation. But the company would not go into detail.

The statement read: “We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience this has caused and we’re urgently looking into it. We would like to offer the lady a gesture to apologise for her experience.”