Friends of St.Lawrence show off community spirit

St Lawrence Church
St Lawrence Church

Times they are forever changing, and in Milton Keynes, the church of St Lawrence the Martyr has stood quietly by while centuries of change and development have closed in.

The church was closed for regular worship back in 1987, since when ‘like Sleeping Beauty has slumbered quietly,’ says the Conservation Trust which cares for it.

It has still opened its doors twice a year, for the popular Harvest Festival and Christmas services, but now a new support group, Friends of St Lawrence are working alongside the Trust to help bring the beautiful character of the 14th century limestone building back into the spotlight.

And so it was a couple of weeks back, armed with a ready supply of brushes bristling and ready to do damage to dust and cobwebs, the Friends action group set to work and made the church chime...or should that be shine?

On Sunday, St Lawrence will open its doors for a Spring Service at 3pm, the first in a long list of engagements and events planned over the course of the year.

In July, St Lawrence will invite you to return, this time for a look at its superb Medieval wall paintings.

We’ll give you a nudging reminder nearer the time.