Fun for Fashionistas

Fashion pic - Midsummer Place
Fashion pic - Midsummer Place

IF you love your fashion and don’t like being more than a couple of feet away from your make-up bag, this evening’s glam bash in Midsummer Place shopping centre is one you can ill afford to miss.

Forget dashing home from work and instead go indulge in Vogue Fashion’s Night Out, a two-hour session of catlwalk shows, fashion inspiration, free make-overs, style advice and plenty of discounts and competitions.

The Urban Beauty Decay team will be showcasing their new exciting products, and showing you how best to wear them, while Thackerays will be hosting an in-store party to mark their arrival in the new city.

“This is one of the biggest fashion events ever to come to Milton keynes that is part of a globally celebrated evening.

“Vogue is everything associated with fashion and a great association with Midsummer Place,” said event organiser Pippa Stennett.

“We hope everyone takes advantage of this evening to see something quite special.”

Dress to impress if you like, or leave it to those pretty people on the catwalk, but do put in an appearance at the snazzy affair.Girls, let the plastic pal take the strain and enjoy a little soothing retail therapy...’cause you’re worth it!