Gallery’s new show is a total stitch up!

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HEMMED IN is the new exhibition at MK Gallery, which will take us out of 2012, and into the New Year.

Embroidery and Needlework from MK and Beyond has been erm, stitched together to present a colourful canvas of work spanning the 1930s through to the here and now.

Work from more than 50 practitioners features in the show, which is a collaborative effort between MK Embroiderers Guild and Jamie Chalmers – but you can call him Mr X Stitch.

The MK Embroiderers Guild has been a creative

force in the area since 1998 and for this show members were challenged to represent the new city in an eight-inch square.

Each member had to create small needle and thread portraits of their favourite MK place.

Aside from the local angle, visitors to the exhibition will be able to view several pieces of siginificant creation, on loan from national collections.

If you think stitching is fuddy, think again, and look inside MKG – an embroidered car door is among the wowsome works.

Admission is free.