Girls on the Charm Offensive

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Comedy cabaret trio Fascinating Aida are bringing their new show, Charm Offensive to Milton Keynes Theatre on Sunday evening.

Formed by Dillie Keane more than three decades ago, the girls and their filthy, witty and rather fabulous brand of entertaiment are as essential as ever.

More than 10 million of us have gone online and clicked

to watch their performance of Cheap Flights, and their fans are as rabid as ever.

When the girls posted their own outrageous Christmas Carol on line on December 22last year, within a fortnight it had received more than 150,000 hits – 60,000 of them on Christmas Day...which means that Dillie, Adele and Liza were in lots of people’s thoughts while the Christmas pudding was being downed!

Dillie would love to see you at Sunday’s show, of course: “Fed up with the endless recession?

“Got any money left after paying your bedroom tax, losing your child benefit and being robbed by a Cypriot bank?

“If so, cheer yourself up at the cheapest and cheeriest show in town!” she says.

“Oh, and 30 years...who’d have thought that we’de outlive the VHS?

“Expect topical new songs hot off the press, plus some outrageous old favourites, as Fascinating Aida continue to grow old disgracefully!”

Show time is 7.30pm.

Call for tickets on 0844 871 7652.