‘Glassy’ gallery show

Peter Dreher's exhibition is new to MK Gallery
Peter Dreher's exhibition is new to MK Gallery

The current exhibition at Milton Keynes Gallery showcases 150 glass paintings, by the German artist Peter Dreher.

Dreher has produced a daily painting of the same, empty glass for the past four decades.

Perhaps even more incredible is how in those four decades he has never smashed the said glass.

The series, Every Day is a Good Day, suggests that everything is of equal importance.

“I was always cautious about narrative pictures charged with meaning,”says the artist.

“But an individual painting loses its relationship with reality as soon as it is repeated.

“It is just painting.

“That is how I arrived at the idea of painting the same thing over and over again.”

While the Long Gallery will house the glass paintings, related engravings, watercolours and drawings, the Middle Gallery will bring together still lifes, including paintings of flowers, foliage and vegetables and the Cube Gallery will feature architectural scenes.

Admission is free.