Go Under African Skies

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Photographer David Tunnicliffe reveals a new exhibition on Tuesday, titled Under African Skies.

“Having spent so many of my own days ‘Under African Skies’ I was drawn to the idea of depicting, through my photography, life in the Horn of Africa, from its earliest beginnings with neolithic man in the Cave of the Poisoned Arrow at Buur Heybe, Somalia to across the border into Ethiopia with the peoples of the Abidjatta, Shalla and Awassa, in Sidamo as well as people around Debra Lebanon in Welo province,” David explained.

“I also wanted to include a hint of the rich wildlife for which Africa is famed.”

David’s striking work is being housed at Inter-Action, in Peartree Bridge.

Opening times are 10am - 7pm (Monday to Friday) and Saturday (1am-4pm).

Sunday’s by appointment only.

For more of David’s creativity visit davidtunnicliffephotography.co.uk