Gracefully step out of the darkness and into the light with Swan Lake production

Swan Lake at Stantonbury Campus - performances from Friday
Swan Lake at Stantonbury Campus - performances from Friday

Swanning into Stantonbury Theatre this week is an adaptation of perhaps the world’s most widely recognised ballet.

Dancers from The Rosemary Lane School of Ballet and Theatre Dance will flock onto the stage to bring the quintessential ballet ‘Swan Lake’ to life from Friday.

A Prince comes of age and learns that royal convention demands he marry.

Accordingly, the most eligible princesses in the land are invited to a masked ball where the young nobleman is expected to choose his bride.

But a chance encounter with a group of swans while out hunting finds him betrothing his love to The Swan Queen, Odette.

Odette and the other swans are in fact beautiful young maidens who have been cursed to live as swans during daylight by an evil sorcerer.

Will the couple’s love survive deceit and betrayal and prove enough to counter the forces of darkness?

The dancing school (based at Foundation House in Wolverton) offers classes for children from three years and focuses on a traditional approach to the teaching of classical ballet, with dancers prepared for Royal Academy of Dance examinations.

This production of ‘Swan Lake’ sees students cast in roles ranging from ducklings and goslings, villagers, courtiers, princesses and, of course, the iconic tutu-clad corps de ballet swans.

Past students now in professional training will take the principal roles and the addition of contemporary and jazz works inspired by the themes and power struggles within ‘Swan Lake’ are set to showcase the versatility of the school’s current members.

‘Consumed by Darkness’ is choreographed by Royal Ballet School and Arts Educational School, Tring, graduate Nicola Daniels in contemporary dance technique.

This group dance features contact partner work and portrays the forces of darkness, deceit, trickery and entrapment.

‘Freedom’ (also created by Nicola Daniels) is an uplifting jazz dance piece which expresses the joy of good triumphing over evil.

Additionally, pupils will share their most recent project - a Flamenco display.

Rosemary Lane said: “This production promises to be a delightful showcase which all ages can enjoy.

“The story has been slightly adapted to provide roles for all our students.

“If you have a budding young dancer, why not bring them along to further their interest and, who knows, they could be part of our next production!”

‘Swan Lake’ runs at Stantonbury Theatre from Friday with performances at 6.30pm on Friday and Saturday, a Saturday matinee at 1.30pm and a Sunday matinee at 2pm.

Contact the Box Office on MK 324466 or to book.

Alternatively, contact Rosemary Lane on 07738767475 or for details or to enquire about classes.