Grim news for Stepback 90s concert ticket holders in Milton Keynes

Thousands of fans who bought tickets for the Stepback 90s v 00s concert in Milton Keynes will NOT be getting their money back, it has been announced today.

Thursday, 14th November 2019, 5:00 pm

And there will be no alternative concert offered due to "legal issues", say the organisers.

The massive concert was due to take place at Marshall Arena at Stadium MK on November 23. But the tour was cancelled suddenly five weeks ago with the excuse of “unforeseen production issues.”

Organisers Stepback Concerts Ltd promised a replacement tour was planned and people's tickets could be transferred to another date, at a venue of their choice.

There will be no alternative concert and no refunds

Today, however, the company put out an official announcement.

It states: "It is with deep regret that we must advise due to legal issues we are having to cancel all events organised by Stepback concerts Ltd. We have explored all options in order to try and restructure the events but unfortunately have not been able to do so.”

It adds: “As of 12/11/19 all events organised by Stepback Concerts Ltd has been cancelled. Ticket holders for any of our events are advised to contact there (sic) point of purchase for a refund.

“Anyone who purchased tickets via our website is advised to contact their bank or credit card provider to obtain refunds.”

the concert was due in MK on November 23

Angry ticket holders have tried to contact Coventry-based Stepback but say the 0203 number has not been answered for weeks.

Checks on companies house show the sole director is Daniel Lee Nelmes and the company's accounts are flagged are overdue.

Records show Mr Nelmes was also director of two companies called Showtime Live and Showtime Promotions. Both have gone into liquidation.

The Stepback concert tour advertising stated the event was organised “in association with” Popworld, a national club chain that is part of the massive Stonegate pub company. Popworld had described themselves as “sponsors” on their Facebook page.

The Citizen today approached Stonegate press office to see if they could help. But they said they has also been left out of pocket.

A spokesperson for Popworld said: “It is disappointing to hear that Stepback! customers will not be receiving a refund. Popworld has also been left out of pocket as a result of the minor sponsorship role we had in the tour. We will continue to celebrate the 90s in our bars up and down the country.”

Meanwhile fans, who had been waiting for new tour dates to be announced, are furious that they now have lost their money. Those who paid through a credit card are protected, but many debit cards and stand little chance of recovering their money.

One woman spent £600 on tickets for the MK concert, planning to use it as a celebration for her birthday.

She said her requests for a refund had been met with a wall of silence from Stepback.

“I have referenced my consumer rights, all of which has been complete ignored. They have deleted all of their social media. It is all very distressing.”