Gripping trilogy stocked first at Waterstone’s, Midsummer Place

The Assassination Diaries
The Assassination Diaries

Ruthless members of organised crime circles are brought to life in a series of books published by a Leighton Buzzard based independent publishers – and interest from wholesalers here and abroad means the books will soon be more widely available.

The Assassination Diaries is a trio of books recounting a series of contract assassinations, graphically described by the elusive writer, Maddy the Assassin and published by Next Century Books.

More books in the series are expected, particularly now that the first three (The Oligarch, The Mandarin and The Bishop) have been picked up in Dubai and e-book sales are continuing to steadily rise in the UK, the USA, India and Europe.

The order means the books are now available in paperback form and - having been acquired by Dubai bookshop Magrudy’s – can be bought in the main Dubai books shops.

Readers have been gripped by the trilogy, which has found a strong fan base as a result of the hired assassin being a clever and beautiful female character.

The first store to carry the books here in the UK is Waterstones, in Midsummer Place, and other branches are expected to follow.

Notably, BERTRAMS, the UK’s largest book wholesalers, has been inspired to place an order enabling them to supply other bookstores after the growing interest in ‘The Assassination Diaries’.

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