‘Hallucinatory science fiction’ by MK author

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There seems to have been a wealth of new releases by local authors recently.

Not that we’re complaining any, of course – and it’s our pleasure to point you in the direction of another one this week.

Kaleidoscope is the debut page-turner by new city chap Adam S. Leslie, and has just come out through Crooked Cat Publishing.

According to the author, Kaleidoscope “...is a dark, hallucinatory science fiction fantasy – a bit of a Philip K Dick-style mind-bender,” he reckons.

Here’s the official synopsis bit: ‘Peter Tobey lives an idyllic existence of energy drinks, mindless television sitcoms, phobia-induced hypersensitivity – and shopping.

‘Into his world comes Kaleidoscope, a sinister, addictive sitcom that turns bright, happy shoppers into lethargic drones.

Peter realises that he and his small group of friends must make the ultimate sacrifice: end Kaleidoscope, flee their beloved shopping centre, and be the first people in generations to step outside into the great unknown.’

Woven into the story, you’ll be privy to magical realism, dystopian fantasy-adventure, satire, trash culture, science fiction and post-modern horror.

Talk about getting your money’s worth!

Aside from being a novelist, Adam is also a screenwriter and musician who takes influence from the mysterious voices he hears when he drifts off to sleep.

We get those voices too...