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Mother Courage
Mother Courage

MOTHER Courage and her Children is brought to Stantonbury Campus this coming week, when Bertolt Brecht’s lauded play is given the stage treatment by Blackeyed Theatre Company.

“Mother Courage is a powerful play to stage at a time when we are questioning our own culture of commerce and material gain,” said director Tom Neil.

“We’re taking an up-to-date, comic and energetic approach to it – the translation by Lee Hall is terrifically witty, the cast is very versatile, and our composer Ron McAllister has scored some beautiful new songs for us.

“Like all good drama, we’re aiming to create an entertaining mix of lightness and depth,” he added.

Take a seat and watch as two ideologies collide in a conflict that stretches across a continent and threatens the balance of world power.

In its midst, one woman, her three children by her side, sees an opportunity to survive – a way to profit from the slaughter by selling goods on both sides.

But in her quest for material gain, the time is fast approaching when she must make the ultimate sacrifice...

Performances are at 7.30pm on Monday and Tuesday evening and tickets are on sale at £14 – falling to £12.50 for concessions.

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