Have yourselves a merry little Christmas at panto!

Louie Spence stars with Anna Williamson as Cinderella with Kev Orkian as Buttons and Deniece Pearson as Fairy Godmother in Cinderella at Milton Keynes Theatre
Louie Spence stars with Anna Williamson as Cinderella with Kev Orkian as Buttons and Deniece Pearson as Fairy Godmother in Cinderella at Milton Keynes Theatre

PANTO: Cinderella

STARRING: Louie Spence, Anna Williamson, Kev Orkian and Deniece Pearson

WHERE: Milton Keynes Theatre

WHEN: December 7, 2012 - January 6, 2012

THE PLOT: With the help of her Fairy Godmother, Cinders will go to the ball, and eventually she’ll get her Prince too...but you know the details – it’s the most famous panto of them all...yes it is!

THEY SAY: “Panto is funny, it’s camp, it’s different every day, always a new show and such a funny thing to do,” Louie told us.

WE SAY: It’ll be Spence-tacular, darlings!

You wanted the best, you’ve got him.

Now grab a ticket...

TICKETS: £12–£27

BOOKINGS: Call 0844 871 7652

PANTO: Puss in Boots & the Beanstalk

STARRING: Members of the MK Amateur Operatic Society

WHERE: Stantonbury Campus Theatre

WHEN: 22 December 2012 - January 5, 2013

THE PLOT: ‘Idle Jack looks like he’s in big trouble when he sells the family cow for a handful of beans. But Fairy Poppins grants his wish and sends a little furry friend to help him out; the magical Puss In Boots!

Together they’ll need to climb a Beanstalk and overcome a mighty Giant if Jack is to win the hand of his true love, Princess Apricot.

THEY SAY: “We’re climbing to greater heights this year with BIGGEST giant you’ll ever see...don’t miss out; get your boots on and book your tickets to this Fee-Fi-Fur-fun-tastic show.

WE SAY: Never under estimate the smaller pantos: MKAOS are a staple of Crimbo at Stantonbury, and tickets go like hot cakes.

They snapple the awards too, MKAOS do – they’ve bagged the NODA (National Operatic and Dramations Association award for Best Regional Pantomime in 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011.

TICKETS: From £10

BOOKINGS: Call 07765 084193.

NOT THE PANTO: The Secret Garden

STARRING: Members of the award winning theatre company, Proteus

WHERE: The Stables Theatre, Wavendon

WHEN: December 19 2012 - January 5, 2013

THE PLOT: The Secret Garden is a story of unlocking hearts and minds, the redemptive power of nature and why some rules should be broken.

Travel back to the Yorkshire Moors and discover just what is behind the door...

THEY SAY: “A heart-melting adaptation of a well-loved children’s classic, beautifully brought to life and a change from the panto fare available elsewhere – you won’t get any ‘He’s behind you!’ at The Stables this Christmas, but we promise that you will be captivated by The Secret Garden!”

WE SAY: Not everyone wants to shout ‘He’s behind you!’ and Hiss and Boo for three hours. If you are in that category, the annual Stables Christmas production is a welcome alternative

TICKETS: £15.50 – £20

BOOKINGS: Call MK 280800

PANTO: Cinderella

STARRING: Denise Welch and Bobby Davro

WHERE: Northampton Derngate Theatre

WHEN: December 7, 2012 January 6, 2013

THE PLOT: C’mon, we’ve told you once already!

THEY SAY: “Finding out Bobby Davro was going to be in the panto persuaded me to do it, because even though I’ve never worked with him before, we’ve known each other for years and he’s great.

“I’ve not done panto for so long because I wouldn’t have been able to see my children over Christmas, but having my son Louis in it with me will be great.”

WE SAY: Denise was fabulous on the MK stage this year in Steel Magnolias.

She is guaranteed to bring plenty of sparkle to panto.

TICKETS: £16-£24

BOOKINGS: Call 01604 624811

PANTO: A Christmas Carol

STARRING: Sam Graham and Andy Williams

WHERE: Northampton Royal

WHEN: Now, and through to January 6, 2013

THE PLOT: A tight-fisted money lender is shown the error of his ways by the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future...

THEY SAY: “It’s a very lively, inventive show and the cast are being kept very busy – with most of them playing numerous roles as well as forming a chorus as a musical backdrop to the performance,” says director Gary Sefton

WE SAY: Lively and inventive? The very essence of panto. It’ll be a cracker!

TICKETS: £10-£21

BOOKINGS: Call 01604 624811

PANTO: Dick Whittington

STARRING: The sterling talents from the MK Theatre of Comedy

WHERE: The Venue, Walton

WHEN: December 19-30, 2012

THE PLOT: King Rat attempts to take over London, but gets beaten. Add in a cat, slapstick and dame and stir!

THEY SAY: “Some go for the romance. Some

go for the celebrities. But MKTOC will always go for the custard!

So if you like slapstick, gunge, and your child getting onstage at the end then why WOULDN’T you be in the audience?”

WE SAY: Actually, MKToC promise 20% more custard than you’ll find in any other seasonal production, and they are a cracking collective too. Get stuck in – they will!

TICKETS: £13 (conc £10)

BOOKINGS: Visit www.mktoc.co.uk

PANTO: Peter Pan

STARRING: Russell Grant and Holly Brewer

WHERE: Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury

WHEN: Today, and through to December 30, 2012

THE PLOT: The one about the little boy who won’t grow up. Captain Hook will grab you and your attentions too!

THEY SAY: “Last year I had an absolute ball at MKT. I can’t wait to shimmy on to the Aylesbury Waterside stage for plenty more festive fun, and who knows, maybe even a spot of cha cha cha! says Russell.

WE SAY: To steal a line, ‘The croc is ticking,’ so you’d best ‘snap’ up those tickets!

TICKETS: £10 – £26

BOOKINGS: Call 0844 871 7627