Heart of a coward prepare the release of their new album, Sammy Jones investigates

Heart of a Coward: Album ready for November release
Heart of a Coward: Album ready for November release

A couple of months ago we said that the city music scene was looking particularly swell, and to hammer it home, literally, Heart of a Coward have announced details of their new album.

The metallers have confirmed the release date for Severance, their Century Media records debut – it will hit stores on November 4.

This second full-lengther follows on from the debut Hope and Hindrance, which announced their arrival in gloriously ferocious style.

“Hope and Hindrance got a reaction we totally didn’t expect from a self released debut,” vocalist Jamie Graham explained.

“It was an album of songs spread across several years, with several line-up changes, but we are nonetheless very proud of it.

“It laid the foundation of our sound.

“However, it made us realise what we could achieve if we really knuckled down and honed our songs further; with Severance I think we’ve achieved that and then some,” he says, thrilled with the new opus.

“Steve and Carl were so fast with the riff writing that when it came for us to put the songs together it just fell into place seamlessly.

Fellow new city face, and TesseracT founder Acle Kahney recorded the instruments here in the new city.

Vocals were handled at Fortress studios in the capital.

“It’s undoubtedly heavier than our last record but has a lot more ‘traditional song structures’ in that we’re focusing on choruses and arrangements that are engaging, as opposed to riff after riff after riff.”

The album does have a concept, but it’s loose as opposed to a taut theme.

“It revolves around the title, in a context of removing one’s self from whatever negative aspects are impeding on life and self-progression.

“There are some very personal moments on the record lyrically, but it’s very much an ‘outside looking in’ perspective on social leeches, elitism, internet culture, obsession with status; notably the ‘celebration of celebrity’ no matter how mundane their endeavours are.

The positive side touches more on being an unstoppable force in your own right when it comes to doing what makes you happy.

“To aspire, not to obsess.

“The real success is not measured by others and that youare your own master...”

Heart of a Coward will promote the new album with a tasty touring schedule towards the end of the year.

UK dates so far:

November 11 – Birmingham Asylum 2

November 12 – Southampton Joiners

November 13 – Cardiff Full Moon

November14 – London Barfly

November 16 – Sheffield Corporation

November 17 – Manchester Alter Ego

November 18 – Glasgow Classic Grand

November 19 – Leeds Cockpit 3

November 20 – Nottingham Rock City Basement

November 21 – Norwich Waterfront

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