HELLYEAH top this week’s gig round-up

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When you lose control and you got no soul...when the morning cries and you don’t know why...it’s Tragedy.

And this Tuesday evening, Brooklyn’s finest all-metal tribute to the Bee Gees and beyond return to The Craufurd Arms in Wolverton.

They played the venue last year and turned a sedate Saturday evening into a high-pitched, feast of Gibb brothers greatness.

But they don’t only deliver marvellous interpretations of BG classics including How Deep is Your Love and Stayin’ Alive. Oh no.

This troupe of spandex attired sequined-up fashionistas will also give you a mouthful of disco and soft-rock classics and saturate them all in heavy metal goodness.

Tragedy are great fun, as those of you who joined City Nights in witnessing them in the live last time around can verify.

The band promises that post-gig you will emerge ‘covered in glitter and with a smile that will last for days.’

Back at home, the fellas have sold-out the Bowery Ballroom, Brookly Bowl and Terminal 5, and have taken their flamboyancy to festivals all over.

Here in the UK, Guilfest, Bloodstock and Hammerfest have all had a cracking time of it, as the band cuts loose material from their albums including Humbled By Our Greatness and Death to False Disco-Metal.

Who knew Tragedy could be so darn uplifting?

Tickets to see the boys are £8 in advance, a tenner on the doors and support is coming from Italian glamsters Stop!Stop, and Steel Panther tribute Surreal Panther.

> Wednesday night brings big names with a big noise, as you can hear on the new, third album by HELLYEAH.

Blood For Blood is a furious rampage at the heavy side, and those making the noise know their craft, for real.

The band features former Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul, Mudvayne front man Chad Gray and Tom Maxwell, from Nothingface on guitar.

Words bandied around on the press release include anger, dirty, rowdy rock, groove and swagger and contemplative, and Blood For Blood is all of those things.

It’s a cracking release from a band reconnected: “It’s a defining record for HELLYEAH and anyone on the fence,” Vinnie says.

It also saw the unit opt for a different approach in the studio – for the first time they pulled in an outsider to oversee the recording process.

“I am used to being a producer or co-producer and I wanted to see what would happen if I backed up and let someone take the reins, leaving me to be just a drummer,” Vinnie added.

Blood for Blood is ‘a metal record that also has melody. It lends itself to a diverse group of people.”

Unlike the releases that came earlier in their HELLYEAH career, this opus is without the party anthems of old: “There is not a party song on this record, which we are kind of known for,” Chad said.

“As much as I love those songs, they put us in a certain box that I’ve never been comfortable in, since I’m not always like that.

“This album is an every night fistfight.”

Support comes from Protafield and Gravil, doors at 7.30pm.

> Also at the venue this week:

68, In Archives and Georgia (Friday, 7.30pm, main room)

Fell Out Boy (Tribute mob, Friday, 7.30pm, free)

> Avatar (Saturday, 7.30pm)

Swedish mayhem-makers and Zippo Encore stage players at this year’s Download Festival rock up to the venue: ‘With the grandiose showmanship of American professional wrestling, the snake oil salesmanship of early 20th century vaudevillian troubadours and the kinetically superheroic power of early Kiss, Avatar lays waste to lesser mortal with ease.’ Allegedly.

>Redcrow and Mr Wolfe are live at MK11 tomorrow night.

The former began as an acoustic project for solo singer-songwriter Patrick Currier, but has swelled into something of a collective of clever musicians ‘drawing from traditional music and songwriting, but taking an alternative outlook....Red Crow is a raw and joyous noise.”

You’ll definitely want to be along early enough to check out alt-blues-rockers Mr Wolfe too.

We called them a ‘twisty mix of blues-driven simplicity, once, and Bet With the Devil is one of our favourite tunes from the MK scene in quite some time.

Last month they took on the big smoke with a gig in Camden, and a good number of you will have caught them at Properfest.

If you did, you’ll want a second dat with the quartet. If you missed ‘em, now is the time to awaken your senses.

Rise Bailey Rise, aka Rich Patmore, is up in support, and it’s his birthday – tequila all round for the chap.

Many happy returns, fella.

LIVE-WIRES: Redcrow, top, Tragedy, above and Avatar, left