Where do people move out of Milton Keynes to? The top 10 places in the UK people leave for

These ten neighbourhoods are the places most people go when they move out of Milton Keynes.

Friday, 16th April 2021, 12:56 pm
Thousands moved away from Milton Keynes over 12 months

Last month we revealed the most common places people move to Milton Keynes from in the UK, with 12,925 people making the move in the 12 months to June 2019.

Now, we can reveal the top 10 destinations people going in the opposite direction were headed for.

A total of 13,723 people left the area for a new life elsewhere in the UK in the same 12-month period, the Office for National Statistics figures show.

The latest data shows 1,220 people moved out of Milton Keynes to South Northamptonshire over a 12-month period.

From Bedford to Northampton, here are the places draining the most people from Milton Keynes.

Central Bedfordshire was the second-most popular destination with 975 people moving there.
Other parts of Buckinghamshire was the third most popular moving point, 959 people moved across the county.
Overall, 651 people left Milton Keynes for Northampton.
In total, 591 former Milton Keynes residents ended up in Bedford.
In 12 months, 350 people moved out to England's second-biggest city.
Wellingborough gained 251 new residents from Milton Keynes over 12 months.
Nottingham gained 237 people who migrated from Milton Keynes.
In 12 months, 214 former Milton Keynes residents moved north of the border
Leicester was the 10th most popular moving spot 198 people moved there from Milton Keynes.