Who would want a politician living next door?

A survey of 2,000 homeowners by DIY giant B&Q has found that a politician would be the least popular next door neighbour.

Over a quarter of the nation would like two elderly couples and a young family on their street, while more than half would like a doctor and a nurse and almost as many would like a policeman and a vet.

The results have also exposed us as a shy and retiring nation as most would be highly embarrassed if they saw their neighbours sunbathing naked (43 per cent), heard them having sex (42 per cent) or even if their neighbours heard them having a row (22 per cent).

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As B&Q launches a website for neighbours to connect at www.streetclub.co.uk, the survey has also indicated what makes the ideal neighbour; waving hello, keeping the noise down and being considerate about parking are all key requirements.

Four in 10 homeowners like their neighbours to sign for post while they are unavailable, a third are grateful if next-door puts their bins out on collection day for them and nearly a fifth appreciate it if their neighbours lend them garden or home equipment to help them out around the house.

The top ten traits of the perfect neighbour are:

1. They keep the noise down

2. Wave hello

3. They sign for parcels and post when they’re not in

4. They are considerate about not parking outside your house

5. Someone who keeps the garden neat and tidy

6. Someone who keeps themselves to themselves

7. They will put your bins out for you if you forget

8. They don’t interfere or curtain twitch

9. They take pride in their home

10. They are chatty

John Compton of Streetclub by B&Q, said: “It’s not surprising to us that the nation like to be a bit private when it comes to their personal lives but they do want their neighbours to be helpful and friendly and this can often be a hard balance to strike.

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“With today’s busy lives, keeping in touch with our neighbours and what’s going on in our communities can often be a lot harder than it should be. Knocking on someone’s door can be intimidating when you don’t know them very well, and Streetclub helps bridge this gap, especially as we are just not all home at the same time of day.”

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