High returns offered by Lanes

Lanes Rentals
Lanes Rentals

LANES Rentals is delighted to promote its ‘Buy to Let Investment” package aimed at investors with an interest in high returns of their capital employment in good old ‘bricks and mortar’.

Current housing market projections for the area offer a good return, in both rental income and capital growth and are an ideal opportunity to invest in a 1-2 bed house or apartment in selective MK areas, purchased through a reputable agent and obtaining good monthly rental income.

Lanes director David Burchell said: “We have built and proven a successful model for investment return on a 75/25 mortgage to deposit ratio on desirable properties, offering an expected gross rental income of about £6-7k per annum from a growing market of professional, corporate tenants.”

Lanes has teamed up with a network of estate agents to provide a database of property investments, and mortgage broker, b3 Partnership Ltd, to provide a hassle free mortgage application.

B3 Partnership Director Kiran Bahra said: “Getting solid and consistent returns on your investments these days means that you either need to have a qualified IFA to navigate you through the volatile stock markets or be fairly sophisticated and knowledgeable to invest. Increasingly, more of our clients look to property investment to achieve their long term objectives where pensions and other investments fall short.

“If done correctly, the rental market has shown itself to be one of the few growing sectors during the recession and all indications suggest it will continue to grow in strength as long as there is a housing shortage. Landlords are well aware of this but often overlook other less obvious ways of maximising their income. This is where we add real value.”

Mr Burchell said: “Buy To Let Landlords can expect an 8-10 per cent return on their capital investment plus capital gains as we predict the housing prices to improve in the forthcoming years, giving a comfortable return on your investment in today’s tough market.”

And to sponsor New Landlords investment, Lanes are offering an initial six month zero per cent fully managed fee for all new rental properties introduced through their Buy To Let Investor scheme.

For more information call 01908 236236 for an individual consultation and investment proposal, including a free review of your current lender arrangement by b3 Partnership.