Hoose that band?

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“We came back to it for a very simple reason: we started enjoying songs again.”

Keyboard player Sam Swallow is explaining the regrouping of his band, The Hoosiers.

It took a while but with dark days behind them, the quartet – completed by Irwin Sparkes, Martin Skarendahl and Alan Sharland – got around to releasing their third studio album last Spring.

The News From Nowhere was their music, made their way.

“Doing it on our own terms and actually having a proper say in it, felt wonderful,” Irwin said.

And when the band recalls how it felt while recording their second opus, The Illusion of Safety, you cans ee why.

“I look back now and think that we were in this very specific and very narrow place as a band on a manjor label,” says Martin.

“ Music ends up different in that world; artists are swept along by its rules and standards.

“When we were making The Illusion of Safety, this producer went, ‘This is how the bass drum should sound, because that’s what Lady Gaga does, and Lady Gaga is all over the radio right now...it should have been just about what the four of us were doing, but it wasn’t.”

But that was then. It might have been stormy on occasion, but The Hoosiers – a four part democracy – have weathered the nastiness, and are back in play and ready to whip up a storm of a different kind when they roll into MK11 tonight.

Expect a blend of the old with the new – there is every chance they will crack open crowd pleasers Worried About Ray and Goodbye Me alongside some of those grand new slabs, and the band told us there’s another album in the offing, with a working title of The Secret Service.

Tickets are £13.

> Also at the venue in the coming days: Audio Bullys pull in tomorrow night, and on Saturday covers rule the way with Night of Champions.