Hot Club of Cowtown visit our town

Hot Club of Cowtown
Hot Club of Cowtown

In Wavendon, Alex Horne is at The Stables this evening, with Lies.

Alex is a multi-Bafta award-winning stand-up and platinum-selling R&B artist, and he makes tracks to the venue to dish up observations,impressions and lies.

He does promise lots of the funnies, so pay your money and take your laughs in exchange.

Hot Club of Cowtown are live in the Jim Marshall auditorium, playing in support of the current release, Rendezvouz in Rhythm, an exuberant collection of Gypsy songs and American songbook standards.

Plenty of you will have had a musical sniff of these guys before now – their talent is hardly a secret: How else do you think they blagged tours with Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan?

Lee Hurst’s planned appearance has been postponed but if you fancy some tunes instead, Friday night can still be alright over on Stage 2 with Albany Down holding court.

This mob take the ‘raw, gritty and unpretentious nuances of a wonderful period in rock and roll history and transform it into something really ‘now’’

Sound like your bag?

They’ll be on stage in the snug confines from 8.45pm.

Tickets to see John Lees’ Barclay James Harvest are all gone, but how about checking the Scandinavian/British fusion of Phronesis who arrive on Sunday evening?

The jazz trio cook up the good stuff and leave a lasting impression on those who take the chance to visit their live set.

“The most electrifying experience to be had in British jazz...reckons a scribe for The Guardian.

Once she was a Fairground Attraction, but these days the lady responsible for putting the vocal class on Perfect is out on her own, and Eddi Reader is every bit as popular – which is why her show on Monday night is all sold out.

On Tuesday evening Peter White shows up.

The versatility of this fret feeler has given him a reputation for delivering the fine stuff, and that’s precisely what you’ll get on Tuesday night.

Jazz, pop and classical guitar all finds space in a set that is ‘singular and at the same time accessible to a broad audience.’

We like Russell Kane, and we advise you to go snap up any remaining tickets to see the genuinly funny fella at work on Wednesday and Thursday.

Russ will be working material under the title Smallness.

Treat yourselves, you deserve it...unless you are easily offended, in which case, sit back on the sofa with a nice cup of tea and watch something altogether more safe.

Call and book on 280800.