‘I really love your tiger feet!’ Woburn Safari Park welcomes new residents

Elton and Minerva
Elton and Minerva

Love is all around at this time of year, and it’s in the air at Woburn Safari Park too, which has just received a couple of wonderful additions to its Kingdom of the Carnivores.

Elton and Minerva are a beautiful pair of Amur tigers.

Keepers at Woburn are hoping that the youngsters - who are extremely important to the conservation of the species - will breed successfully.

“Elton and Minerva have recently arrived at Woburn from other zoos participating in the European Endangered Species Program,” said Jo Cook, Amur Leopard and Tiger Alliance Coordinator for EEP.

“Minerva in particular is one of the most genetically important tigers we have within the European programme and genetically makes a good pair with Elton.

“We hope they will go on to produce cubs of their own so their genes will continue in future generations,” she added.

Visitors to Woburn this half term will be able to see Minerva and Elton, together with the Safari Park’s other new arrivals – Max, the Californian sea lion and the mob of meercats who have moved into the new Desert Springs walk through enclosure.

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