‘I want to play and have fun...’

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Nick Oliveri is back ‘at work’ and things are busy.

The L.A-based bassist is back in the UK just now, playing 19 dates in 20 days.

Not with a band at his side this time though.

The former QOTSA player, and Mondo Generator founder is going it alone on the acoustic tour which calls into The Craufurd Arms on Saturday night.

“I want to play and have some fun,” he says simply.

“I’m gonna play some new stuff and a bunch of different stuff from bands I’ve played in and things I just like to play...

If someone yells out a tune and I know how to do it, I’ll accommodate.

“I’ll have some people come up on stage too and get involved, there is no barriers and junk like that, it’s more intimate.

“Everyone is part of the show just like I am.”

Nick also has a solo album ready to drop in 2014 – Leave Me Alone will showcase his talents on drums and guitar too – he played all the instruments on the release, save for some guitar solos from musical mates – Blag Dahlia from The Dwarves and Mondo’s Mike Pygmie included.

“I’m really excited about it...it took me some time to practice before I went into the studio, being a bass player, but I feel I’ve been fortunate with drummers in the past,” he says, giving a nod to hitters including Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl who spent time in Queens with Oliveri.

“I like to think I picked up a couple of things ...obviously it doesn’t reflect too much in my playing,” he laughs.

The album very nearly didn’t get finished at all though.

During recording, Nick opted to drive home to L.A after a late session at the Palm Springs studio.

He fell asleep at the wheel and totalled his car. He was lucky.

In practical terms it meant he had no transport to be able to complete the opus as quickly as he wanted to.

And emotionally?

“It took me a while to get back to the recording, because I thought ‘that record made me crash,’ and got all weird about it.

“It took me some time to let it out and start writing about that kind of stuff and the things that were happening...”

“The first single –Human CannonBall Explodes – is about the crash.”

Later in the year, Nick will be

in a position to tour it, with The Uncontrollable – a new band which sees him reunited at play with former QOTSA drummer Joey Castillo, and Moist Boys member Stephen Haas.

“We’re going to go three-piece and keep it bare bones rock n roll...”he promises.

Where does that leave Nick’s other long-time project Mondo Generator?

“As I get older, so my friends in the band get older too.

“They’ve had children and got families, and I don’t want to take them away from their lives – I know how it can really rip apart a marriage or a family being away all the time, so I let those guys do what they need to and when they want to, they call, and we get something started,” he says, and so Uncontrollable is now the beast ready to roll.

But before all of that, it’s back to the business of this solo tour.

After Saturday’s Craufurd date, he’ll make the trip to Donington Park, to headline Sunday’s Acoustic Tent at the Download Festival.

“I want to play good and I get nervous walking out onstage by myself at a festival.

“I’m excited about it though. It’s going to be great” he added.

Tickets for the gig are £7, doors open at 7.30pm.

> The new single, Human Cannonball Explodes will be available on the night.