IF:Fest - The lowdown

Pentalum by Architecture of Air
Pentalum by Architecture of Air

It has been a long time in the planning, and at last the curtain rises – tomorrow the mist will clear at the start of ‘10 amazing days’ that will form the third bi-annual IF:MK fest.

From large-scale spectaculars to smaller, more intimate sessions, IF has it all.

Performance, dance contemporary circus, installations, live music, comedy, cabaret and talks will be plentiful.

IF really does have something for all too – with a whole programme of family-friendly shows to engage with.

This week’s ‘must-sees’ include Architects of Air: Pentalum which will run throughout the IF entire in Middleton Hall at thecentre:mk

The monumentally huge walk-in sculpture will give you a unique and sensory light, sound and colour experience.

‘Inspired by the pure forms of geometry and nature, by grand cathedrals, iconic temples and modern architecture, the luminarium’s voluminous domes, labyrinthe tunnels and silvery peaked star shapes will provide a truly breathtaking sight...’

Also in thecentre:mk, opposite Door 10, the premiere of the new installation work by award-winning sonic artist Kaffe Matthews.

‘The Lock Shift Songs’ will feature a series of ‘sonic beds’ – have a lie-down and listen with your body. Admission is free.

We’ve already told you lots about award-winning choreographer Rosemary Lee and her large-scale piece Under the Vaulted Sky, which has been inspired by MKs Cathedral of Trees.

It features 100 participants, and music by composer Terry Mann.

Performances are Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Meanwhile, over at The Spiegeltent at South Willen Lake Park, Casus: Knee Deep will wow with exquisite acrobatics and astonishing aerial feats – the Aussie four-some walk on eggs (raw, in shells) and manage to make it a crack-free affair.

See how many half-dozen eggs it takes you to practice on before achieving the same feat...

Casus: Knee Deep shows daily through to Monday.

At Willen Lake – tomorrow and Saturday – Ilotopie: Fous de Bassin (Water Fools) will amaze as a small floating community wakes up and goes about its daily business, unleashing an intriguing, dream like world that sees cars, bicycles and caravans driving across the water...the ripple effect of this show will be massive.

Sonic artist Ray Lee will present Chorus on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, at various locations in town.

Ray, British Composer of the Year for Sonic Art in 2012, has created the evocative Chorus, a giant sound installation– a series of huge metal tripods with rotating arms.

They will circle above the audience, with loudspeakers at the end of each arm, bringing the pulsating and the harmonic.

Lucie Lom: Les Rêveurs (The Dreamers) will make you glance and then look again on your travels – are the figures you see real, or all a dream?

The Labyrinth, also at Festival Centre, South Willen Lake Park is a free, family focus event inviting you to solve conundrums, riddles, question and puzzles: ‘A network of doors, windows and corridors create a playfully intricate puzzle-packed maze with challenges, crossroads, mechanics and encounters along the way...’

Meantime, The Stables sessions - on the Acoustic Stage at Willen – has free live music across the 10 days, with performers including Andy Fleet, Manny & The Coloured Sky, Nicky Prince, Steve Winch, Terry Emm, Dan Whitehouse and Auralia Sky.

From a Silent Disco to The Cabaret of Ideas,an appearance by stunning singer-songwriter Nell Bryden, chart – favourites The Feeling, comedy from funny man – and GO! favourite – Seann Walsh and family show The Man Who Planted Trees, the week ahead will be simply fabulous , no but’s but lots of IFs!

For dates, times and admissions for those mentioned, and for the full-line-up, visit www.ifmiltonkeynes.org