Indian art with Western twist

Vilas Sirah, with an example of her work
Vilas Sirah, with an example of her work

A local artist is using her creativity to encourage neighbours and fellow art lovers to engage with Indian art this Diwali.

The Hindu festival of lights is on 3 November this year and Neath Hill resident Vilas Sirah held her very first Indian art exhibition in her back garden to coincide with the festival of Navratri - a celebration of feminine power, held at the beginning of autumn - and build interest in Diwali.

Her work is inspired by traditional henna designs and infused with a western twist.

Pieces range from famous Milton Keynes landmarks to portraits of traditionally bejewelled Indian desert princesses and work capturing wildlife (including giraffes).

Daughter Sona said: “Her work is amazing and it can even be personalised for people who are interested in purchasing it - perhaps in different colours.”

Vilas has plans to take her pieces to Spitalfields Arts Market in London, particularly now she has launched her first official exhibition during the auspicious Navrati season.

She hopes that the blessings and good vibes associated with Navrati will stand her in good stead to enjoy success with future exhibitions of her work.

To contact Vilas about her paintings and future exhibitions, email