It’s an organic sort of thing!

Organ Festival: Milton Keynes Museum, this weekend
Organ Festival: Milton Keynes Museum, this weekend

Experience fairground and hand-turned mechanical organs in all their glory at the South Midlands Organ Festival this weekend.

The two-day event is being held in the grounds of Milton Keynes Museum, on McConnell Drive in Wolverton, and organisers Bob West and Ernie Thomas expect around 30 organs to be on show.

From huge fairground sound-creators to the small 20 note amateur hand-built machines - all organs will be represented at the family-friendly festival.

A number of miniature steam engines and old music boxes from the beginning of the 20th

century will also be on display.

Ask Ernie why he thinks the organs remain so popular, and he is quick with his answer: “They are old-worldy and old fashioned and have a sound you just can’t get anywhere else.