It’s Dead Simple - take a ticket


We loved The Perfect Murder at MK Theatre last year. It was a gripping piece of work, which kept us firmly engaged.

We weren’t alone, mind you, and the novel-turned-stage delivery got a ready thumbs up from audiences.

Like us,they were suckered by the dark delivery of murderous intent (with a smidgen of humour) and by Les Dennis who played disgruntled husband Victor Smiley fabulously.

It was the first time that one of acclaimed author Peter James’s books had been adapted for the stage, and a triumphant result.

Those who saw the delivery would agree that between writer and cast, the piece was perfectly bin bags!

All of which makes the author’s second novel adaptation for the stage something of a must-see.

From Monday, Dead Simple will be taking attentions, when it begins a six-day stay at MK Theatre.

Michael Harrison thinks he has it all; great career, good friends, and a beautiful fiancee.

But when his stag night prank goes horribly wrong, Michael finds himself alone and staring death in the face.

As time runs out and the terror grows, Detective Superintendent Roy Grace begins to fear that Michael will never be found in time.

Doing justice to James’ words on stage this time will be Jamie Lomas, who soap fans will know as Walford killer Jake Stone, or possibly as bad boy Warren Fox in Hollyoaks.

Gray O’Brien – who actually did the business in The Perfect Murder – is back as Detective Grace, and Tina Hobley treads the boards for the first time in 12 years.

It’s a great cast, and a cracking script with words by the internationally acclaimed, award-winning author.

“As a writer, all my characters begin in my mind,” Peter explained.

“I flesh them out for the printed page.

“But nothing can compare to the joy of seeing them turn into real flesh and blood.

“I really admire and respect all of the actors in Dead Simple and to see them come together, for the first time, at the read-through of the play was a truly magical experience for me,” he added.

Tickets start at £11 and rise to £30.50. To book your seat call 0844 871 7652.