Jamie Stimpson & Mister Vee: album release this week

Jamie Stimpson & Mr Vee: Album release
Jamie Stimpson & Mr Vee: Album release

It has been a real pleasure to be able to write about city artists doing well in 2013, and we’re not done yet.

Another week, another success, and this time we are shouting about Jamie Stimpson and Mister Vee.

You’ll have seen the name on this site before, and that name is spreading – out of the city and onto the national commercial scene.

So far, four singles have been released in little over 18 months, and each of them has hit the iTunes R&B Top 40 at a higher position than the previous one.

Firmly on the ascent, the August release of Energy peaked at Number 16 – above Chris Brown’s Turn Up The Music delivery, which was launched on the same day.

Now comes the album, Judgement Day: “When we first started making the album in January, with a release date of August, some people said we were aiming for the impossible,” Jamie told City Nights.

“...but with a lot of commitment and passion we have managed to pull off an album that’s already had radio play, confirmed support from BBC Introducing and a lot of media coverage.”

That’s not to say the journey to the present has been all good.

“It’s been a real rollercoaster of a journey for us both,” he admits.

“We’ve had many ups – laughing, joking and feeling on top of the world, and many downs.

“You sometimes feel that you are banging your head against a brick wall, but I suspect all independent artists feel the same...”

“But we love it and believe that if we can keep moving forwards like we are and with an ever growing fan base behind us, we can turn the dream into reality and let as many people hear our music as possible...”

This weekend is firmly about the postive for Jamie and Mr Vee: The official launch night of the aforementioned Judgement Day opus.

Wonderworld is the hosting venue for tomorrow night’s all-important bash, and the guys will be taking over the Yesterday Room for a full live run through of the opus.

Things start at 8.30pm, and admission on the door is £2, while a signed CD will set you back a tenner.

Book online now though and enjoy the CD and entry for £10.

If you want some of that visit www.jsmvofficial.co.uk

Alonestar, DJ Jamesie and Ekco dance will all enhance a surefire smash of a night, and 50% of entry fees on the night are being handed over to Willen Hospice and the Henry Allen Appeal.

> And if the saying ‘There is no rest for the wicked’ is true, these two must be very naughty boys indeed – on Sunday they will line-up alongside Beverley Knight at the Cardiff Mardi Gras, at the Millennium Stadium.