Jammin’ at the MK Takeover

This Saturday is the big one – a nine hour session of musicians, artists and DJs coming together as part of the nationwide Oxjam event.

Oxjam launched back in 2006, with ‘the aim of creating a network of music-loving people across the UK, all united by a shared goal – to raise money to fight poverty and suffering around the world.’

That the event is flourishing seven years on is proof enough of its success.

Saturday’s local arm – known as the Oxjam MK takeover – won’t be limited to just one performance space though – Instead Wonderworld and Revolution will share the honours, and wristbands granting you access to all the gigs on the day are available at just £15.

Naturally, all proceeds from those ticket sales will go straight towards the valuable work overseen by Oxfam.

And what a lot of quality you’ll be getting in exchange for your money – artists participating include:

Christianne Doran

Sam Ward

Michael Squire

Rise Bailey Rise

Steve Winch

Giacomo Palmieri

Pippa Akers

Mark Stanley

Casual Panic,

The Cracked

Bailey McConnell.

Up to date listings and artist announcements are just a click away at www.oxjammk.com or through Facebook and by following twitter: @oxjamtakeover

> When the live sounds draw to a close on Saturday, the party will continue – with an aftershow being hosted at Cookies & Cream in the Theatre District.

All those of you with gig wristbands will be able to get free entry to the fun, through to 1am.