Larry Carlton & Robben Ford Unplugged: DVD review

Larry Carlton & Robben Ford: 'Top notch stuff for anyone who appreciates class.'
Larry Carlton & Robben Ford: 'Top notch stuff for anyone who appreciates class.'

Larry Carlton and Robben Ford have both dazzled when they’ve delivered the goods at The Stables in the past. A new DVD release - in stores today - relives a show when the two artists shared a stage and their talents. It’s a little bit special too, says Nick Jones.

Larry Carlton and Robben Ford together at the New Morning Club in Paris, in concert and on DVD - what could be better?

The pairing of two like-minded excellent musicians...this is top notch stuff for anyone who appreciates class.

They open with a shuffly blues affair, then plunge into funky feeling number, That Road, which sets the mood perfectly for that still to come.

Monty is a riff laden funk track, where both players have fun interacting with each other, before going into another instrumental, Cold Gold.

Laid back blues it may be, but nothing is lost in any way, as the feel and approach by all concerned is uppermost. Lovely stuff.

Robben Ford gives a vocal on Hand in Hand with the Blues next, a gentle song with plenty of light and shade added for that extra special touch.

Amen AC has a nice feel, all swing jazz style with all players putting their own strengths into the number.

I Put A Spell On You, the Screaming Jay Hawkins song, was given a different arrangement with Ford doing the vocals again, following up with Rio Samba and both guitarists soloing.

This concert, from 2006, shows how a show should be done and as opposed to sitting at home watching the disc, you feel you are there in the crowd experiencing the whole thing.

Before the live stuff, the DVD offers up an extra feature with Carlton and Ford speaking about old times, giving an insight into their world of music.

Great stuff all round.