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Ricky Thorne
Ricky Thorne
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Those of us old enough to recall the eighties will remember Sigue Sigue Sputnik.

The pop-cyberpunkers gave us vinyl trousers, ridiculously big hair extensions and a trio of chart-bothering tunes including of course Love Missile F1-11.

We still remember a lively Top of the Pops appearance in the mid-eighties.

In 2014, however, original front man Martin Degville is back and trading under the SSS name, but things are a little different.

Accompanied by Johann Weidemann on the keyboards, these days, the Sputnik incarnation presents the original songs with an electronic twist...

If you want ‘it’, go get some tomorrow night when Degville will play live in the bar at The Craufurd Arms.

Bizarre, right? But true.

The music starts at 8pm, and support is coming from 2 Sick Monkeys (who do a cracking set in affable punk-ridden ditties with humour - try their Napalm Death/Green Day fusion for size).

Admission is free.

Meantime, the back room will be busy with all-action sports ace Ricky Thorne.

But the hard-working fella who has operated as a Pro BMX rider, an actor and a radio host will be utilising the stage for his music, so don’t rock up expecting to see him do twisty-turns and awesome moves on a bike, ok?

He might well deliver fresh tune The Fire Inside for you though, and if you ask nicely you might even get his take on the Rancid track Fall Back Down – which will feature on a soon-to-be-released tribute album.

Writing about his super-successful career on his website, Ricky says: “I am a mid-west kid from a lower middle-class factory neighborhood that stuck to his belief of never giving in – refusing to give up. I go for it and I will get there.

“It’s the only way to live, to fully create and express yourself,to have a vision and follow through.

“Believe in yourself,” he suggests.

Tickets to tomorrow’s show are a fiver.

Rival State arrive at The Craufurd Arms for a Saturday night show-out.

Scuzz viewers will already be familiar with the first track taken from their new EP Youth Tax – Sleep Talker has been on daytime rotation over the last few weeks.

Originating in New Zealand, the band are currently based here, with a shared house in South West London.

“As amazing and supportive as the New Zealand music industry is, we got to a point where we needed to explore outside of the country and start again from scratch,” the band said, explaining the reason for uprooting.

“That was a steep learning curve, but England feels like home...”

Tickets are on sale at a fiver.

On Tuesday, alt-rock will rule at the hands of He Is Legend.

There’s quite a history to this mob if you poke around for it – they released their first album a decade ago. But we’ll skip past records, the hiatus, former members and all the associated, mainly because we don’t have the space and also because the current album Heavy Fruit is what you should be concerning yourself with.

A particularly busy week at the Wolverton venue continues with Virginia’s sparky, riff-heavy, garage-style rock n rollers, Satan’s Satyrs up on Wednesday.

The trio are out on tour in support of their new opus, Die Screaming. Tickets are £8.