Made in MK round-up

Alexandra Parry's installation
Alexandra Parry's installation

Last year, Helen Parlor was the Assistant Choreographer for the London 2012 Opening Ceremony of the Paralympic Games.

One year on, and the MK talent is keeping busy – her company Parlor Dance will be resident in the Theatre District this weekend creating exciting choreography delivered as pop up solos, duets and trios with violin choreography.

‘The work will be highly physical, gestural, emotional, dynamic and engaging,’ promise those in the know.

Soaking up the visual display is free.

>Meantime, over at Bletchley Park this Saturday and Sunday the historic centre will be showing visitors what it takes to be a Codebreaker, from WW2 to today’s GCHQ.

Usual admission charges will apply, and on Sunday the Park will also thank the World War Two Codebreakers, welcoming them back for the Enigma Reunion.

If you purchase an annual season ticket, you pay only for your first visit, and if you are super-duper quick you can take advantage of a fabulous offer on Travelzoo, offering two annual passes and a souvenir guide for £13, instead of the usual £35 fee – that’s a saving of 66% and you’ve got until tomorrow to grab the deal!

>Still under the Made in MK umbrella, and MK Museum will also be busy this weekend, with a Forties Weekend, ‘a re-enactment of the headships, heroics and high-points of the iconic 20th century decade.’

>Our picture, below, shows one of the platform installations commissioned for the Made in MK Festival.

Artist Alexandra Parry has created the works, which it is hoped will allow the public to gain a different perspective in the street environment.