Making waves once again

Stuart and Katy: Reunited at Heart
Stuart and Katy: Reunited at Heart

A slice of toast and marmite won’t be the only thing to get your teeth into from Monday – the new Heart Breakfast show will prove pretty tempting too, writes leisure editor Sammy Jones.

The airwaves will be filled with a familiar partnership, although it’s one that hasn’t worked together in almost 15 years.

Back in the nineties, Stuart Miles and Katy Hill were fearless presenters on children’s television show Blue Peter.

Aside from embarking on crazy challenges they were responsible for teaching the country’s kids how to transform an empty washing up bottle into a wow-some Christmas decoration and other similarly inspired feats.

But that was then.

Stuart of course, has been a regular presenter on Heart since 2010, but the introduction of Katy reunites that great working relationship.

Katy replaces Natalie B, who is looking forward to the arrival of her first baby.

“It’s going to be amazing to be working with Stuart’s like when you meet up with a mate who you haven’t seen for years and you hook up for dinner and you literally don’t stop for air,” Katy told us.

“That’s how it has been being together, so I’m quite excited to see what it’s going to be like to be in a studio.”

And our new lady at the microphone is already smitten with our new city: “I’m loving Milton Keynes,” she says.

“I discovered early on that there’s a mirage that appears at the end of my journey to the studio and it goes in the shape of a drive-thru Starbucks.

“I mean, why does every town not have one of those!”

Stuart added: “To me, it doesn’t really feel like we haven’t worked together and when I think about how long it’s been, I find that quite disturbing!”

Giving a nod to time spent on the Blue Peter sofa, he added: “The only difference is we won’t have a pet on out lap.”

Managing editor of Heart Four Counties, Mark Sadler said:

“Their close friendship means they’ve got a brilliant chemistry together, so our listeners are in for a real treat.”

Tune in on 96-104FM from 6am on Monday.