Meat Loaf’s side dish Patti cooks up a solo career...

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Visit The Stables this evening, and let acclaimed jazz singer and West End actress Claudia Morris hold your attentions. She is starring in Secret Love: A Sentimental Journey through the Life and Music of Doris Day.

Coinciding with the 90th birthday of Hollywood’s legendary lady, Claudia will be joined by a live band, and actors will portray key moments in Doris’ time.

Kind of like a Day in the life of...

It’s the decade that won’t go away, and this Good Friday will be a great one if you are partial to the sounds of the sixties, when The Bootleg Sixties (do you see what they did there?) spill all the expected smashes, thrashes and hits from the era.

John Verity will be in charge at the Wavendon venue on Saturday evening, touring in support of his latest opus, Tone Hound on the Last Train to Corona, accompanied by vocalist Bianca Kinane.

If it’s a rising talent in the true sense that you are after, then check in with Tom Korni on Stage 2 on Saturday night.

The ‘One Boy Band’ plays bass and guitar, and sings while playing the drums with his feet.

Amazing really, seeing as how the charts are littered by ‘artists’ who can’t do a single one of those things convincingly. And Tom is a mere 16 years old.

This date is marks his Stables debut, and looks like being a cracking night.

Feet first, Tom.

Steve Howe is back at the haunt on Tuesday evening, flush with solo material and tracks from his time with Yes, of course.

The multi-instrumentalist will cut loose familiar nuggets alongside some spanking new moments in sound.

On Stage 2, the Andrew McCormack Trio will captivate with the truly expressive style he uses to push his juicy jazz, and last up – on Wednesday – is Patti Russo, left.

For two decades she worked with musical main course, Meat Loaf – a key part in both his recording and touring career.

Having toured the globe as the perfect foil for Meat’s bombastic and over-the-top stage performances, she is now doing it for herself with a blossoming solo career.

To book seats for any of these dates, reach for the plastic and call 01908 280800.