Milton Keynes is one of the worst places in the UK - for a BUBBLE BATH

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Horsham Advertiser pictures 2013 ENGSUS00120130503092143

If you have ever wondered why you’re having bubble trouble in the bath then wonder no longer.

It is because Milton Keynes has some of the hardest water in the country - and makes it that harder for products like bubble bath, soap and shampoo to lather and create bigger bubbles.

Milton Keynes tap water a reading of 312 milligrams of calcium carbonate per litre.

By comparison Edinburgh has a reading of 23mg/l, and in Ipswich it is 368mg/l.

As well as being closely linked to the vital issue of the quality of a bubble bath, people in hard water areas are also more likely to be at risk of suffering dry skin and hair, damage to household appliances, poor water pressure in showers, and the need to use more detergent when washing clothes.

Hard water is caused by various factors related to the makeup of land in different parts of the UK. While rainfall is naturally soft, once it hits the earth, chalk and limestone regions in the south and east of the UK often have hard water.

The findings were compiled by the firm Harvey Water Softeners.