More than 4,000 adults with learning disabilities struggling to find love in Milton Keynes

More than 4,000 adults who live with a learning disability are struggling to find a loving partner in Milton Keynes.

Thursday, 3rd October 2019, 5:02 pm
Supported Loving for people with learning difficulties in MK

Now a charity called Choice Support has launched a Supported Loving campaign to help people better understand the problem.

The charity's research shows that relationships and sexuality among people with learning disabilities are topics that are often either ignored or stigmatised.

"Sometimes, they’re the last things people think about when they are supporting someone," said founder Dr Claire Bates.

“At Supported Loving we feel that providing support workers with more training and guidance on how to have conversations about getting into a relationship will enable them to provide a better level of support. Love and relationships are a fundamental aspect of life; by helping more support workers to have open and honest conversations with people with learning disabilities, we hope more people will able to experience what we see as a human right."

Choice Support is holding a series of special Supported Loving workshops in Milton Keynes next Thursday, October 10.

The workshops will provide help and guidance to other charities, carers and organisations on how to support people with learning disabilities to maintain and enjoy loving relationships.

To be held at MacIntyre Great Holm Coffee Shop, they will explore a range of relevant topics, including individuals’ mental capacity, some of the personal barriers that people might face when trying to establish a relationship, and the law in this area.

Dr Bates said: “Our workshops help tackle some of the issues that are often ignored or stigmatised. We know that with the right support, people with learning disabilities can have full and meaningful relationships and so it’s crucial that those who are supporting them are equipped to provide this kind of help.”

Tickets cost £62.69. To book visit the website.