‘Mummy’ said go!

Sunrise on Mount Sinai
Sunrise on Mount Sinai

The exhibition Treasures of an Antique Land continues at Inter-Action until May 29.

It means you have one more week to pop along and view photographer David Tunnicliffe’s stunning pictures of Egypt...for there is more to this beautiful land than just Mummy’s!

“The selection for this exhibition was really hard to achieve,” David said.

“Without exaggeration I have tens of thousands of images of Egypt amassed over the four and a half years I lived there.

“What I wanted to to do was show a side of Egypt that is seldom seen by ‘the tourist’...I hope I have been successful!”

Viewing hours are 10am to 7pm Monday to Friday, 10am-4pm Saturday.

Call for more details on MK 678514.