New bands, new singles, New Bays

Josh and Carly, Richmond Park, October 2014
Josh and Carly, Richmond Park, October 2014

We’ve spent the past few weeks humming the new single from Josh Chandler Morris & Carly Slade.

Who’s Gonna Hold Your Hand is as infuriatingly infectious, as it is simplistic and subtle.

It is the second release from the Milton Keynes-based duo, who tinker with folk, blues and country, adding elements into their “British take on acoustic America”.

We told you earlier in the year that Rock N Reel magazine declared them a Tip for 2015, and they are living up to that title.

“It’s a comment of the self-interested philosophies to life often promoted in our culture,” said Josh.

“It’s about where that attitude leaves you in the long run.

“We may be able to achieve and get ahead in the short term, but ultimately if you have sought your own success and happiness at the expense of others, you will be lonely in every sense of the word in the end.

“It’s an attempt at promoting compassion and the importance of seeking greater meaning in our day to day lives.”

Explaining the single approach, Josh said: “We’ve been listening to a lot of Americana traditional music; Country, Folk, Blues, so that’s where we’re coming from.

“It was intended to clearly show those influences while also retaining its honesty with an awareness of where we’re from.

“I hope everyone can get something out of it.”

Who’s Gonna Hold Your Hand is released on Monday.

For more details, tap across to Facebook and search for Josh Chandler Morris.

> The Poet Tree Alliance will be taking over The Craufurd Arms tonight for a jam-packed bash with five bands and live art into the mix.

For the uninitiated, PTA is an MK-based consortium of artists, musicians and poets working together for the good of the arts.

Topping the bill is new folk collective Forest of Fools who will use the date to plug their debut EP.

We’ll have much more on the FoF in the not too distant future.

Stay tuned for that.

Support is coming from the Poet Tree Alliance poets, Inlak’esh, Ere Be Poets, Montmartre and Murphonfire.

Giving added colour to the evening in the very literal sense will be down to artists Jam Free and Bodhi.

Admission is a fiver, which is not a lot of cash for a whole lot of gig. Enjoy.

> New Bays have a new EP out too – Reckless was released last week on their own Versic Records imprint.

The quintet – two-fifths from MK – will be familiar to folks in the area following gigs at hot-houses including MK11, Bedford Esquires and The CraufurdArms.

When it comes to inspiration these guys look to artists including Arctic Monekys, which is certainly no bad thing.

If you want to sample their infectious blend of leftfield pop, it is available as a digital download.