Newport Life thru a lens


FIFTY years ago, Milton Keynes existed only on paper, and towns like Bletchley and Newport Pagnell were the very hub of our corner of the world.

But recent decades have seen numerous changes in and around the area.

A new book shows the changes faced by Newport Pagnell over the past half century, as captured by keen photographer Michael Pratt.

Julie Wilson has pieced the book together: “Life in the town half a century ago was very different to that of today,” she said.

“Families picked blackberries in fields that have become housing estates and it was said that you could buy anything in the High Street.”

On Saturday, an exhibition of those photos will be available to view at the United Reformed Church Hall in the High Street.

Michael is Newport born and bred: “I carried on taking pictures for all those years because I felt that everything in the town would change and I suppose my photography was a vain attempt to stop time and cling to the past,” he said.

The book can be purchased at the Post Office and Cambourne Travel in the town.

The exhibition will be open to wandering eyes between 10am and 4pm.